Adding Windows 7/8 Multitouch capabilities to a libGDX game

pingK originally was a PC game created in 2006 by some friends and me over the course of 2 days. It subsequently won the Graphics meets Games award at the Eurographics 2006 conference in Vienna, and was also featured in the pong.mythos exhibition of the Computer Games museum in Berlin. I created the Android version in 2013 from scratch, using libGDX.


libGDX is a great library/middleware that allows you to develop games for multiple platforms from the same Java source, which sounds like not such a big deal if you’re coming from a C++ background, but trust me, it’s not so easy on Java which is kind of surprising (mostly because Java has no preprocessor support, so you cannot #ifdef yourself around some stuff). It supports creating Android, Desktop (Win/Mac/Linux), and even iOS and GWT/HTML5 apps from the same source code, with an API that allows you to access common features such as input and OpenGL graphics in the same way on all platforms.